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What Matters

Living Book Of Wisdom Series, No 3

What matters is what is in your heart without thought.


Where are you? You know this is one of the hardest things to do is grow into yourself. So often, we build up defences and barriers to protect. It is sad because, underneath all of those identities, titles, and labels that we have created within this lifetime, there is a stunning, gifted and unique person.

Are you wearing the wrong identity? Of course, you can become the best of anything you wish to, but if you do not bring the true spirit to the title, you never work towards becoming you but becoming that identity. That identity will never fit properly. Okay, for a while, maybe. But eventually, obstacles, the wrong people, wrong incidences and hurt all come into play within your life. You are playing the wrong game and performing as someone else, and it does not feel authentic. You are not you. There is an uneasiness within you that can develop into heartache, a confounding loss, or misery. There is a niggling sense of more, but no answers come forward. We look towards more courses, peers to validate ourselves, talk, and act out, but the answers still seem missing.

The answer lies within. The funny thing is the answer is always in you (I know, I hated hearing those words too.) Listen to those whispers, seek out what is it that makes time standstill. What makes your heart sing even though so much disappointment surrounds you? It is not easy when life seems so complicated and not in your control. It is about taking the time to hear your own heart over your children's loud noises and wants, family, friends, and general life expectations.

Can you hear your whispers? It is about looking closely into your beliefs, culture, familiarity and question whether they are for you. If those beliefs no longer fit, move away from them and closer to what you do believe. It is never about the great leaps. It is about the small whispers. Learn to listen to your whispers. It does take courage, but it is the one way to come back to you and the best of you.
The best of ourselves.