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Living Book Of Wisdom Series, No 2

You are your
own happiness
because you
the importance
and value of


When you acknowledge and understand your importance, your life will then move into that place that works. You begin feeling content, no matter what life throws at you.

Move away from suffering. It is up to you to find those things that make you feel good and spend time with these people, places, or circumstances that nurture your spirit, that re-energise you. When you become aware of what works for you and move away from the things that are not working, you shift towards your life and stop fighting against it. You are choosing to move away from suffering and towards living.

It has to be better for you. Living life well is about honesty and truthfulness towards yourself and others. It does not mean you have to walk out of relationships because the relationship has hit a rough patch. It does mean being honest and bringing your authentic self to the relationship, giving the other person the opportunity to bring their truth as well. It is surprising what can develop. Either way, it can only be better for both of you.

Let others be. It will not matter so much what others choose to do or not do when you have control of your life, and utterly responsible for yourself. It is easier to let others do the same without taking them on personally or judging them. You allow them to have responsibility for themselves without interference. Your emotional well-being is not reliant on others.

Nothing changes. Truthfully, in the physical, nothing may change. You may have the same job, relationships, home, financial concerns, yet everything has changed, and that is because you changed your headspace; you are not projecting outwards. You are not expecting, blaming others, or accumulating items, experiences to create your happiness or your life.

However, everything does change. You change; you take charge of your own happiness because you decide to recognise your importance. After all, it is right to have happiness within your life.