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Veil Of Purpose
Credits and a thank you to: Texture by Brenda Starr

Veil Of Purpose

Living Book Of Wisdom Series, No 4

Our veil of purpose hides the truths, within and without.


You are busy doing what is important in your life. A career, a mum, or even a helper (without a title) these become your purpose, identity in life; they are your external veil. That is okay, but sometimes it prevents you from entertaining the idea of trying to understand yourself or question your path. Then, occasionally, a moment will come within a circumstance, such as illness or an event that forces you to take stock of your life. This is the time when you cannot support the external purpose and identities anymore. You question why life has not worked out the way you had planned.

When you begin to question yourself and your life, you turn inwards; you find that you have created an inner veil as well as an external veil. The inner veils incorporate the concepts of your ideas, values and beliefs. They are your view on how you perceive the world. These beliefs come from your environment, culture, family, religion and education. Inherently, you take on board the beliefs, ideas and values without question. They can manifest into negative traits within your collective community or within yourself. They can show up as victimhood, intolerance, closeness, neediness, servant mentality or a feeling of lack within all parts of your life. On the other hand, they can become your inner guide, purpose, and ego, often disguised very well, with excellent excuses.

Move forward by letting go of those veils and learning to stand within oneself. The external veil is letting go of the importance of identifying yourself as your career, tag or identity, whatever that may be. It sounds simple, however, to eliminate self and community expectations that are very ego-driven and take alertness to be aware of your external veil in use. The internal veil is the awareness of systematically acknowledging and questioning your life. Observe all your thoughts, actions and deeds. The deeper you understand yourself, the more you find your thoughts and beliefs are creating your life. Learn to let go of these thoughts and especially your beliefs until you do not need to hold any expectations or conditioning for yourself. Gradually life will present itself within a sense of peace, acceptance, knowing and understanding, and no matter how chaotic the external world is, you can hold that sense of familiarity, ease and peace.

Here is the inner journey that teaches you to let go of the veils within and without. This journey ultimately seeks out the grace of you. You learn to live within that grace, and that is your true purpose in life.