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Personal Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use your art on social media?

A: All my art and writing is free for public viewing. Give credit as the original artist and provide a link to my website, then you are free to post my work on your site, blog, social media.
You can use my work in YouTube music videos as long as credited and link to my website in the description.
I love to see where my work is and what you have done; please do not hesitate to send an email and link.

Under no circumstances can my images accompany any view, opinion, article or blog post related to racism, sexism, violence advocacy, or any unreasonable derogatory statement. My art doesn't exist in the realm of hurtful, harmful, smallness or judgemental.

Q: Can I sell your work?

A: You can not sell or profit from my artwork under any context. That includes my art on posters, prints or other products such as T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, calendars.
You cannot sell digital versions of my work, and this includes wallpapers or music album art.

Q: What about commercial use?

A: If you want to license my work as part of your commercial product, don't hesitate to contact me for the proper procedure to avoid any legal copyright infringement.

Nonprofit charities and educational institutions notify me first, and I will happily allow the use of my work for free.

Q: Can I catch up with you in person, and where can I find you?

A: I live on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Australia. Presently I am doing holistic expos and the local market with my product. I travel between the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. There is an events page that updates my whereabouts, don't hesitate to find me and say hi, because I'd love to meet you.

Q: You haven't replied to my social media comment, message or email?

A: Ohh, I wish I was so much better at social media than I am.
Please, I ask you for your patience, and I will get back to you. I always read everything, but I want to answer you the right way with the time and consideration you deserve. Emails I am better at, especially if they are time-sensitive or essential information required.

Q: Is this your art?

A: Yes, it is digital art. I use images from my source or sites that have allowed usage under their respective licenses. I have credited those who have requested.

Q: How do you do your art?

A: I have been self-taught for over 20 years with photoshop and a mouse. That is all I use.

Q: How long does it take to complete an art piece?

A: To complete an image and the verses anywhere from 3 hours to 4 months. When I control the art and the words logically, it takes forever, but if I step aside and stop leading and allow the image and words to emerge and flow, they can appear in very little time.

Q: What about the writing?

A: Everything I have written except on the image Dignity. The words by Brad Rand are perfect, and I have held onto them for years. These are Brad Rand's words.

"I learned that I could stay like me and still fit in your world, a little. So I decided it is better to stay like me and fit in a little, than become not like me and fit in a lot."

Q: What inspires you?

A: My inspiration has always been to see the bigger picture of life and the universal energies. I have always been in observation mode, questioning, listening to my intuition, feelings, sensing, knowing. I am also a Certified Past-Life Hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Spiritual Regressions, these disciplines have given me such a brilliant realm to play within. For my whole story, check out my About page.

Q: Do you take requests or commissions?

A: I am sorry, but I am unable to take commissions. I have tried to create art for others, but it never works. I need to allow the freedom to flow, the expression of creativity without conditions. It just doesn't work any other way.