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A Little About Me

I was told some time ago that within this lifetime, I was to
"Walk the mystical path with practical feet and walk the practical path with mystical feet."

The art of transformation and the language of comprehension is my way of achieving this goal.
It has been 20 years honing my art and words, all self-taught.

I have been a Registered Nurse forever, it seems, but it was a space where I could observe people's truth. I saw the best and worst of people and what they are truly capable of. I have witnessed such magnificent power of the body, the courage, and the belief of such beautiful spirits. I have seen this power and spirit that we all have, but very few of us understand our spirits or use our strength until we are in a place of desperation.

We give our spirit and power over others every day and allow others to use it for us. It is our life; it is ours to experience, understand, and take full responsibility for it. We should listen, believe and trust in our powerful energy and creation. We are here to become one with ourselves authentically. (This is our life purpose!) If we listen, we will hear our true guidance, directions, abet, the intuitive whispers of wisdom only for ourselves.

My Art and Words are here to show you how special you indeed are. It is a reminder that you own your own power, your own beliefs, own choices, and you can create your own experience, and it does take courage. It is your birthright to be you and to be true to your own spirit. Remember, no one else is you or will ever be.

Take back what is truly yours... You!
Express yourself in the language that is you.
My art and words are here to tap your heart.

Cheers Julie

A few words from others:

"Julie Rae is a very talented, enlightened & spiritually connected artist; who has channelled her passion for helping others into original Oracle affirmation imagery.
This creative, gifted and inspiring artist portrays words and images that can influence and resonate with our very core."
(Daisy Chain Festival)

"Wanted to share and celebrate this amazing woman's work. I met her at a holistic expo and discovered her and her work. She creates these out of the world stunning placards with inspirational messages on the back of each one. She started this about 20 years ago, and it has evolved over the years into this. She creates them with digital art, and her family makes wooden stands for them. There are so many to admire. To be in awe of and choose from, and some of them form part of a series. Indigenous themes are throughout also. I have bought quite a few. The coloured words are the main messages contained within each message. Thanks for your beautiful and inspirational work, Julie!
(Elisha Michelle Fenton)