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You are not judged by
how good or evil
you might have been.

You are not judged
on how kind or bitter
you are seen to be.
You are not judged
at all.

However, you decide
for yourself
when the time is right
on how you excelled at
being you.



  • She came to understand that we see very little, and that the complexity of the total self is beyond our understanding.
  • She came to understand that we prefer to sit in judgment and less in understanding and comprehension.
  • She came to understand she views another from a very peripheral point only.
  • She came to understand that to live from our highest self is to live in that place that we accept another person’s plan. To give them the acceptance and validation rather than scoffing at their demise, or scorning those who do not fit in our tight belief systems and then supposedly does not act accordingly to our way.
  • She came to understand she struggles to live in the true compassion with openness and acceptance.
  • She questioned and wondered why a soul would sign up for acute suffering in a lifetime. She felt certain that as a spirit the thought of such crucial hardship, to lose oneself completely, she found this almost unimaginable to think this is imaginable and acceptable.
  • She is not certain, but she believes earth is a playground for many schooled souls and the killing of another she cannot see in the manuscript at that higher vibrational level, but it is possible at the earth, physical vibrational level— because the potential exists.
  • Here she believes lie the answer, there is potential in the physical plane to adapt to the potential energies, that the blueprint or the soul-self, this determines how much you can play to this energetic potential.
  • She accepted and understood that she has to choose to become the best of herself, by tapping into her highest potential energy. This is her responsibility in this lifetime, and after this physical life, it will be her universal self (with compassion) to determine how she went!
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