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Wish Them Luck But Say Goodbye

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Often we do not talk about those that make us feel less than ourselves.


Wish Them Luck But Say Goodbye


It’s okay to say goodbye to people

who leave you more deflated,

exhausted, and in less

control of your own life,

than when you

first met them.


wish-them-luck but say goodbye

Our Framework


Many cannot perceive outside the box.

Is this a life’s journey or framework to work within or without the box?
In this lifetime, an individual soul creates a framework that requires—
-learning to function within the confines of the box,
-learning to work outside the confines of the box,
-learning to step outside of the box.

The box can be representative of many things such as fear, control, neediness, community, togetherness, unity, solidarity, individuality, growth, sheep mentality, death, culture, the list goes on…..
Some are here either to live as an individual, they are to journey within the self or to express themselves eternally, but many who have no concept of such an individual path. The box is their framework of life and they are here to learn to become the best of themselves and shine within the box. This framework or box can be very constrictive or very open.

An example, for many a family is all there is, they do not crave or look for themselves as individual. They are ALL family. I mentioned one day to a friend, I could not understand how anyone can just live for family and that they need to find themselves and become strong within so they are not reliant on others to fill their life in. She looked at me, almost apologetically, and said, “But that is all I want, that is who I am”.

I became thoughtful…

Her box is her family. Her life journey is to hold a space for family, and is she the one who glues the fabric of the family and happily grows within the confines by living in the box parameters. She is staying within her soul work.

She will always stay within the box, and so is it my perception that particular box is too constrictive, sad, or fearful.

Is it my  judgement rather than seeing we all attend different classes of life and mine is but one way, not the absolute way.

I can walk in and out of different boxes, bump up against other boxes but it is not up to me to decide which box another person lives in, nor is it helpful or healthy to stay in a box when it feels very wrong. We all have our own framework and it is okay to say goodbye to those frameworks, those boxes that feel foreign and discover your own. Sadly, the casualty it is necessary to say goodbye to another and let them live in their box, and you to live within or out of your own box.

Our choices in this lifetime, is to expand ourselves not to feel small, or less than yourself. It does take courage to live within your own framework.



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