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What matters is what is in your heart without thought.

Waht Matters

What Matters~Lesson 3

In our lifetime, we grow according to our experiences. Each experience, we change a little. Either we create more understanding, or we build up a wall to protect ourselves. The wall becomes part of our response and reaction to other people, events or any life connection.

The wall matters. The type of wall we chose to use is often a response to our childhood threats; they protected us from a menace of some kind. Sadly, these protective actions carry into adulthood, mostly refined and disguised in acceptable adult ways. Some of the everyday behaviour seen in adult communication is a result of these protective barriers manifesting. For example, when we experience anger, control, yelling, lying, criticising, exaggeration, paranoia, bullying and cattiness, (it makes us feel better about someone else’s misfortune and feel glee, superior in this sharing of their troubles). However, the protection can also come in the form of subtleness, such as non-commitment, secretive, closed and aloof attitudes and behaviours. These walls are in play because what happens with the outcome of a conversation or encounter matters.

The wall is you. The division of defences is part of your personality, the energy you portray to other people. It is your unconscious beliefs and habits. The wall becomes your unconscious response to other people, your agenda. The wall turns into what is in your heart without thought.

You can choose freedom by opting to drop the wall by letting go of judgement, criticism and by releasing an attitude of one-upmanship, which is used to prove or place your energy onto other people. The less we play to other people’s behaviour or our own, the less we can objectively see the person for who they are and glimpse their journey and lessons they are facing with our hearts. You then find compassion and understanding and not anger, annoyance or cattiness. There is no need for you to protect yourself and use your wall; instead, you are free to change your response, your inner belief and choose what is best for you. It is liberating to let other people be themselves and to enjoy being you

In the end, it matters to grow into yourself, into your natural disposition. Once you let go of your wall and open yourself to yourself, you rise up and find your true essence. Your heart opens, the light shines, and you radiate. Your love, compassion, understanding, humour and disposition are free to come forward. Your true energy, your true spirit emanates. Then naturally, your heart shows, you show without thought, and that is what matters.

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