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Universal Look at our consciousness

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A  look at our universal self.


Our universal consciousness travels.
Our universal consciousness levels can be endless.
There is a never ending depth to our universal consciousness.
We have the ability to marry our physical and universal consciousnesses.


Universal Look



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Our Logical Consciousness


  • The logical consciousness, it is so much more at its core.
  • Our logical consciousness, it does happily reside with the knowledge of all our universal consciousnesses and it is capable of observing and working with all our universal consciousnesses.
  • The logical consciousness primary role on this physical life is the protection of the self.
  • Our logical consciousness, it is not harsh, judgmental, a bully, or untamed, it is though, the most loving protector of you.
  • The logical consciousness, it is the protector of your core soul, the self, and your body, and it marries the consciousnesses together to create the symbiotic relationship.

For example, in hypnosis part of the process is to create a safe place in your mind. You build this safe place, you feel it and you live it. It can be anything you wish, a place, an imagination, a sense but this is yours. I was asked to describe my safe place; however, few words would come. The practitioner tried several different ways to describe my safe place. Consciously I was not making the decision to not talk, but my logical consciousness was maintaining my safe place for me. It was not in resentment nor in an emotional state but as a protector in a benevolently, loving way. I would not describe this place.

  • If allowed to grow and evolve, your physical logical mind is your benevolent protective impressionist; which is, forever present.


Universal Consciousness Concepts


  • We are whole in this lifetime when the universal consciousnesses they are allowed to work together in a dignified, kindly, and conscientious manner that is referred to as oneness.
  • When you die, the depth of consciousness is not immediate, nor may it ever be. The depth of universal consciousness this is dependent on you creating an openness within yourself.  It is when you are willing to experience and to perceive the universal consciousness in the physical, but also willing to perceive and experience the universal consciousness in your spiritual life.
  • In the physical, we are aware of many levels of consciousness, or many levels of awareness of people. We can jump through many levels of awareness on any given day. Some are stuck on a level of awareness. Some that create one track or create one path, this is their only awareness, their only conscious level.
  • In the spiritual, we are aware of levels of consciousness, or level of awareness within spirits. Some are stuck in a level of awareness, some create one track, or they create one path, and this is their only awareness, their only spiritual conscious level.
  • Souls do live in different consciousness levels to other souls. They have different energy signatures and exist an in self-fulfilling prophecy to the self.
  • Souls create themselves, and by doing so create the environment and the existence of their energy to experience and evolve, and in turn, for every other soul to have the choice to entertain the energy created by another.
  • This becomes the self-propelled philosophy of the big question on destiny and the biggest picture of who are we, and the explanation of the concept that we are all one.

Universal Energy signatures


Spirits having energy signatures and these signatures are the reason for a particular planet destinations. Mostly, the earth has a specific energy signature and the spirits are matched to this specific energy on earth and can spend many incarnational lives on earth. A differing energetic signature will match to a different energetic planet and can spend many incarnational lives on that particular planet.  Older souls can move between other planets at will and can move within different energetic signatures. Evolved souls understand the multitude of dimensional energetic signatures, and can work between planets and the dimensions. Younger souls only see the same energetic signature spirits and their incarnational choices.