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The Transcribed Emergence

Posted in Mystical You, and the Entire Image Collection


she lives upon the sunlit planet,
her heart they say,
lies in the woven matrix
that contains the threads
of the universal eternity,
and the clarity
of the evolving

(Short version)


She made it to her place and sat,
and paused in silence
(within a level of uncertainty).
Awaiting ( somewhat impatiently)
for those lost memories to emerge.
She waited in anticipation for the eternal parade to surface.
She expected the return of the universal cascade to flow,
and she hoped to rejoice within the moments
of the magical to reappear.
Poised to forget,
poised to remember,
poised to recapture her natural
rights of play.
She remains poised—
to weave the emergence
of the transcribed
invisible passageway.

(Long version)

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