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The Silent Ones

Posted in Mystical You, and the Entire Image Collection

It was the silent workers, 
the silent ones 
who agreed to unmask the mightiness, 
the extraordinariness of others 
that went far beyond 
this earthly realm.

Silent Ones


The Silent Ones, from density and suffering, into their lightness…

I understand the human conditioning was always from density and suffering, which seemed to be the earth’s way. Many knew there was another way to look upon this wonderful earth. They saw a playground for the soul; however, the collective mind was still of density.

The experiences and environments that these Light humans, the Silent Ones, were born into was the reason that the density prevailed, preventing them from finding the light.
The majority of the Silent One’s life experiences were situated behind a veil that had left them in the dark. Some of the Silent Ones still yearned as they remembered unconsciously there was a home, a mystic life in the beyond. For some reason, a few never forgot and through their journey of life experiences, they unconsciously felt there was something else, something amiss.

They learnt to be silent; they hid behind masks; play-acted in this life lost their strength, power and their soul.
For the few, this was the ultimate suffering of living.
The times are changing, and fortunately, the veils are lifting for the collective rather than just the individual. A few Silent Ones will venture spiritually onward and inwards, deeper and deeper until there is stillness and aliveness everywhere.

They will find that they are the universe, the light, the source of the propelling energy. Gradually, together, they will make up the collective experiences.
They will be as one, and as an individual, within the complete awareness and acknowledgement of all. They will discover they are their own wisdom; they will discover their universal self. They will be at one with their Soul. United, they will shine the light so that the collective can see behind the veil and remove their masks.

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Thanks to Faestock and Marcus Ranum for model photography.