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The Comedian’s Coat Of Many Colours

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He descended from the perfection of his height
walking through the cloud of light.
His companion was the coloured coat.
Supporting players were his wit and his host.


The Comedian

The Comedian, he can take his bow…

The soul is not a non-entity, which has no personality; it is the strongest and the most unique personality that ever existed. The soul is not some distant relative of ours that seem to have a say on who we are but remains aloof. It is us, at our very core, or our rawness, or should I say – our awesomeness!


The Comedian had always wanted to express his true inner self, this showed in the telling of his babyhood, as he was that happy, laughing, smiling bouncing baby. But alas, he lost himself, born into a family full of conformity and restriction, a family that lacked any imagination; and sadly, with no understanding, he somehow discerned he had to search long and hard to come back into the truth of himself.

His family consumed his spirit until there was little of that Comedian left.


In this lifetime, it is not an external identity but the inner identity the Comedian had to embody— that inner dimensional identity is the Comedian. He was never to be comfortable in this external world at a young age, no, he decided this lifetime to do the hardest work, find and become his soul in a very challenging and external environment.

There was no Comedian’s life in this atmosphere.


It is not hard to see the Comedian’s life purpose mapped out in his birth family, his culture, his gifts and his response to his life. The Comedian had to find his truth, to move into his truth, and accept everything there is of himself, and then, move one-step further not only to accept but to express his truth.

Also, within this time, the Comedian had to let go of everything that did not honour him and lose those crutches that supported his blended identity. This is a tough act to follow especially when this is an inner world need; the external world wished him to see only the seriousness and the responsibilities. The coat of colours was not mute enough, serious enough, conformed enough— no it was loud, shocking, funny, unique—and this coat created an individual.

Oh, these characteristics should never mix!


The Comedian felt that he had taken baby steps much of the time. He tripped, crawled, fell, napped, but still, he kept trying (with this inner state always nudging him), pushing him towards himself, creating circumstances for him to overcome his doubts and fears and to learn to wear that coat of many colours with pride and to express his awesomeness— his Comedian Self.

The Comedian can take his bow.



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Credit: Photography Marcus Ranum