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The journey to your Soul Light

Posted in Mystical You, and the Entire Image Collection

Soul Light

Don’t be afraid
to meet the true
of you.


Soul Light



It is true the attachments that we hold onto are unimportant; these attachments that play out in life. Attachments block our way to finding out who our true self is. Attachments are not just wants in a material sense but a way to which we hold onto our beliefs, culture, self concepts, control or even our being. These curl up in our bodies become a substance, a blockage.

They block us finding the best of ourselves.

It does not mean we unattached to life but we don’t make them us. We are separate in energy fields here, whole within our entity, when we are whole in our entity we are one with the rest of the world.

When we become whole it is from our belly we rise up into the self, the light being, it is though we are honouring the complete self, universal, divine self in a presence here. We walk this earth in wholeness not separateness within ourselves.

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Model by Dazzle-Stock thank you