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It is the touch, the smell, the feel,
the sound of life that is missed.
The ache of the heart that cannot mend.
The tears that flow silently with such sorrow.
The anguish so exhausting,
it will not disappear.
No glimmer of hope or thought of pleasure.
Oh, so alone.
Life aches to the very bones of such
immeasurable sadness.
Only those touched will comprehend.
Only those who find no consolable words…


Our answer lies in our pain.
Not seen or understood yet,
but they’re all the same.
What is it we do not know?

There is a sound, a whisper, a sense, a feel, a touch, a smell, a dream.

They are here,
so near,
but where?

Are they as close as they feel,
but we cannot see?
Are their spirits as valid as the body I can perceive?
Am I ready to understand?
Can I truly see?


The truth lies right next to you,
the spirit of your loved ones that have
passed on, are but a belief away.
They dwell within you, around you,
and near you.
You planned together to experience life’s crashes
and life’s triumphs.
Together, you came to complete this life’s journey.
They thank you greatly.


It is for us to trust that death
is a stepping stone.
Sometimes a tricky physical stride to their ultimate truth.
It is a privilege, an honour to witness,
and be part of their life,
part of their joy,
part of their grief,
even when it hurts.

When the sorrow is overwhelming,
believe in them,
know they are always near, a vibration away.
They are but a belief aside.
Your sadness they see,
their love is full.
They embrace your sorrow
with all their love
They thank you so very much.