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If you would like to support my work.

Hi, my name is Julie. For the first time in over 40 years, I am now working towards my dream of immersing myself in the art and words you see here. I have worked behind the real-life facade for many years, hoping to live in a world of consciousness one day, my true home. I love meeting people, seeing the reaction as they are drawn to a particular art piece. I am amazed at the response. Some cry, feel sad, at peace, and others are delighted or feel fullness in their heart. And occasionally, some feel spooked!
I am so inspired by people and their growing awareness. And that my art and writing can touch another profoundly.
I can do so much more empowering in this world than I ever felt in the world of health. But, unfortunately, the health world is often draining to the health care personnel and can have a lesser heart for staff and patients. It creates a dynamic of powerlessness.

I have been told I am a healer, and this is my way of healing that honours you and me and empowers us all.
It is my tribal way.

If you are able and would like to support my work, I have set up a donation page.
Thank you so much for your support if you choose to.

Cheers Julie