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Shop Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a tracking number with my order?

A: Yes, there is a tracking number with all orders. Your tracking number should be automatically emailed or texted to you when the post office scans your label.

Q: Who does your shipping?

A: We use Australian Post for all our shipping at the standard rates plus packaging and handling. Express post is more. (I post from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.) After you have placed in your details, the cost of postage is calculated for you. All parcels sent will be the responsibility of the buyer once lodged. Any follow up for damage or loss need to be followed up with Australia Post. Please get in touch with us immediately. We can discuss the responsibility for loss or damage and assist in sorting out the issue as quickly as possible. All orders shipped within 0 to 4 days, and the shipping usually takes between 3-10 business days to most areas for domestic package.

Q: What about a refund?

A: We refund broken items only. We check the art, frame and stand carefully before packing. If you wish to claim a broken item, please get in touch with us immediately, a photo of the item within the two days of acceptance. We endeavour to work with you so that you are happy.

Q: What about payment and security?

A: All our payment gateways use SSL certificate encryption, and our customer's personal or financial information they are not retained. When you place an order through our site, Square will maintain your order information for our records. Still, we can delete this information if you wish. We do not sell your information to any third party.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: I can, but the intentional shipping takes 2-4 weeks to arrive under normal conditions. Also, the cost of shipping internationally from Australia is high. Due to Covid and holidays may result in additional delays.

Q: I accidentally wrote the wrong postal address, didn't pay VAT or customs, and now the order is being returned to sender.

A: When the package is returned, we can contact you immediately to correct the address and then accept repayment for the shipping. We will reship your item to your updated address. The post office does not allow address changes when they have your package.

Q: How much is shipping? International shipping?

A: The calculation of the shipping cost is done automatically during check out. The shipping costs are based on the item's weight, size and distance.

Q: There are watermarks on your images will they be on the art work?

A: Not at all. The watermarks are to prevent theft and claiming their images are their own in the digital world.