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Product Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What am I buying?

A: You are buying the image, frame and timber. I offer all images in three sizes of my image unless stated. Below are the sizes I offer and the pricing.

The price includes the acrylic frame and timber stand but doesn't include the postage.

  • Square 4x4 inches (10.2 by 10.2 cm) $15.00
  • Portrait 4x6 inches (10.2 by 15.3 cm) $18.00
  • Landscape 6x4 inches (15.3 by 10.2 cm) $19.00

  • Medium
  • Square 6x6 inches (15.3 by 15.3 cm) $27.00
  • Portrait 6x8 inches (15.3 by 20.4 cm) $28.00
  • Landscape 8x6 inches (20.4 by 21 cm) $29.00

  • Large
  • Square 10x10 inches (25.4 by 25.4 cm) $49.00
  • Portrait A4 (21.0 by 29.7 cm) $47.00
  • Landscape A4 (29.7 by 21.0 cm) $48.00

  • You can select your size and the amount in the CART.

    Q: What are the products made from?

    A: The custom made timber stands are solid hardwood, and the frame is acrylic.

    Q: The timbers are different to the pictures, how come?

    A: The colour of the timber will change according to the timbers we can buy at the time.
    We cannot guarantee that the timber stand will be the same timber as any of our display photographs on our online store pages. All timber stands are hand finished and will vary with the grain, knots and fissures because of nature. We cannot improve on nature, so we leave the timber to look as natural as possible. My husband and son are the artisans to the cut, sanding and finishing of the timber stands.

    Q: Can you personalise the art or verse with my name or engrave it on the timber?

    A: I am sorry, not at this time.

    Q: What about the acrylic frames?

    A: We tried several fabricators only to find that a consistent look, fold and finish was not happening. So, together, we (family) have taught ourselves to fabricate our custom frames.

    Q: Why is there coloured words on the framed verses?

    A: You found my secret; the coloured words create the message. Read the coloured words as one sentence. Enjoy.

    Q: Occasionally, the layout of the verses differ from the website and on different sized images. How come?

    A: I have to accommodate the smallest image size to the largest size. Therefore, the writing layout has to change in some longer verses to accommodate the smaller sizing. On a rare occasion, I have had to omit or change the writing to fit the smaller size, but at no time have I compromised the integrity of the verse and its meaning.

    Q: Can I mix and match the words and images?

    A: I hesitate to say yes but only because the name on the image and the words are different. Also, the verses and art must be of the same shape, in other words, landscape to landscape, square to square, or portrait to portrait. There is no harm in trying, but I find that those who initially request swapping end up going back to the original way. So I am happy for you to contact us if that is the way you still want to go but do keep in mind the shape.

    Q: I've seen other images of yours, but I cannot find them. How come?

    A: I need to find the time to update some of my older images as I created the earlier images when a floppy disc was the only form of backup. Unfortunately, the resolution is too low to print successfully. Also, I need to template the images for printing into different sizes. I will get there :))

    Q: Can I order a larger image.

    A: Yes, you can, please contact me, and I we can discuss the size you are after and the cost. Eventually, I will offer larger prints.