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True Light
Credits and a thank you to: Model by Maria Amanda

True Light

A few will venture onwards and inwards,
deeper and deeper
until there is a stillness and aliveness -everywhere.
Those who venture
will find that they are the universe and the light.
They will find that they
are their light and wisdom.


The True Light image represents our adventure inwards until we meet ourselves and find out our own light and wisdom.
I created a feeling of vastness within this image with no boundaries existing. Our physical life, as we perceive it is only one reality. The subtleness of the diversity of life exists everywhere but no more than within. The secret to the true light does lies within, as naturally as any other anatomical system. It is humming along married to our whole self. We just need to allow our light system to come forth and shine.
Not all is perceptible in this life. There may be so much more.