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The Monk's Grace

Accept without correction.
Understand without condition.
Smile without consideration.
It will be.

Walk without stipulations.
Stand without comprehension.
Smile without opinions.
Wander free.

Know your sight.
Acknowledge your plight.
Smile without the height.
Profoundly see.

Grace without purpose.
Silence without lip services.
Smile in earnest.
Genuinely be.


All that is required is done.
The choices you search for, there is much folly within this run.
Self is within and without, not in a particular state.
The spirit and you are both, as you are united as one.
Listen intentionally, but do not strain within the need for accuracy.

Here, now, embracing the clarification of this Self.
Awareness, now, of the pureness of the universe with the perfection of its humming.
Foreseeing, now, the transcendence of you, the lighted one.

The fight, now, is resolved,
the view, now, it has Shattered,
the home, now, (forgive the pun),
It is a home run.

The accolades have reverberated.
No matter how terrible you believe and are seemingly wrong and sad, those choices and decisions are not perceived as anything, except for the view of the glow of the heart.
In the heart, it is seen with the fullness of accomplishments, love, refinement and bravery.
Gloriously, they celebrate you; you are regarded as the Wise One.
We indeed, now, thank you.

Walk now,
this time,
this life,
in this energy,
within the Grace of the Monk.
The story,
your hard-worn story,
it is now done.
It is done.