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The Madonna

The Madonna represents the immensity of our lives;
she represents the vastness of our universe that is available to us all.
She has inner knowledge of her goodness, compassion, love, and perfection.
She lives in oneness.
Her eloquence is a natural state of being, and she is timeless within a world of time.
Her eyes tell the story of experience and much life, with many universes of divinity.
She has lived them all.
She belongs to no one, belief, culture, or thing;
her destiny is to show others merely their truths and mirror those truths in return.
She judges not, nor ever will.
She will simply look at you with awe and wonder.
She asks you to find your own authentic, vast spirit that exists within.
She calls you to look into her eyes, find your own immensity, and find your soul.
She is the Madonna, the timeless one.