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Shh, I Got A Secret
Credits and a thank you to: Model by Jessica (Faestock)

Shh, I Got A Secret

Little Blue Sparrow Series, Number 6

Those whose eyes are vast pools of such light,
they see the diamonds, the crystals, and the height of such might.
One day you to will touch the vibrancy of such a life, not by walking past the veil but through the veil of light.


My body is responding to its teachings,
to the movement and fluidity.
My mind's thoughts flow without the rigidity.
No longer are beliefs, cultures, or religions
making that indelible mark on my being.
No longer what they say
creates a spark of indignation.
I stand alone,
no power, or persuasion.
No hurt, or sorrow.
No yesterday, or tomorrow.
I feel no hope or desperation,
no wondering or rambling.
I sit still
no longer seek
or need to speak.

For that, I am...