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Questions And Answers
Credits and a thank you to: Model 1 by Courtney Simonds, Model 2 by Senzostock, Model 3 by Fridagb-stock, Model 4 by lisajen-stock, Model 5 by Jlior

Questions And Answers

Living Book Of Wisdom Series, No 5

Within this lifetime, we each have our own questions to ask and our own answers to find.


It is true; individually, there is a unique self to find. With this life's return, your soul decided that you were to find something within you that was important for you to expand. It does not need to be grand or overt, or just one thing. Your destiny (or destination) can be many things. This is your life, and you deserve to find the answer, but you need to ask your own question.

You already know the type of question to ask. Your question is not some strange, out of the box thinking. No, the question is a part of you. The answer is not unfeasible or unobtainable. Still, it is something that fits within your inner knowing. The energy that surrounds your spirit is the tool for you to understand. This energy will show you the available actions for you and what you can create within this lifetime. Remember, though, the journey can often be the answer to your question. The answer is there if you can pay close attention to your life choices.

The answer is your answer; it is not mine, and I do not know your question, and nobody else can; they are not here to traverse your journey. They have their own journey.
Only you can do this when you are ready to ask your own question.