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Inner Peace
Credits and a thank you to: Model Maria Amanda by Jan Holte Teller Photographer, Sparrow by Alzirrswanheartstock

Inner Peace

Little Blue Sparrow Series, Number 2

Occasionally, she glimpses the wholeness of her inner self.
She sees the space where the inner peace resides.
She knows that the inner peace sits without thought or try.

Her glimpses of such honesty and beauty
it flitters by,
and like a butterfly,
it flutters shy.

In those moments,
the purity of her existence thrives.
Her enormity multiplies.
She knows her truth is magnified.
This is where her inner peace occupies.

(The Little Blue Sparrow holds the wholeness of her dimensionality, he knows she is unhidden here but undiscovered.)


Inner Peace, the second image from the Little Blue Sparrow series is about accepting that the wholeness of life does exist.