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Credits and a thank you to: Model by Mora Nox


Living Book Of Wisdom Series, No 6

Your immensity is a belief away.


There lies a gift of such uniqueness within. Our uniqueness is our immensity, but it is often hidden. There are times, we gain a glimpse of our own specialness, and that is when we act with a pureness of heart, we act without thought or want. Often our thoughts censor and hinder our immensity by our beliefs; culture and our economy all create veils to our appropriate responses.

Can you remember a time when you automatically acted without thought?
For example, a girl I knew, her friend, had injured her finger playing sport. The finger was obviously dislocated. An absent of thought, her friend stepped towards her and placed her hand onto her finger.
Devoid of any concern in her voice, the injured girl asked, "Are you certain?" and without hesitating, the friend replied, "Yes".
Immediately the friend pulled her finger back into position.
How did she know what to do? She didn't, but somehow she just knew! The friend acted without thought, fear or cultural expectations.
(The friend was only 15 at the time.)

Have you ever entered that type of space before? Have you ever come to the place or space of "just knowing", knowing what to say, act, be, understand, or care?
Not all acts of such immensity are as obvious, though.
Sometimes it can be a random word, a gesture, a touch, a smile; these can be an act of bigness. A smile can make an enormous difference in someone's life. You do not predict the outcome, but you know it is the right thing to do.
These moments do not need a pay-off of any kind.
In these moments, your immensity of spirit, light, open heart, compassion, and strength within you as a being, it is one, not in duality, but in oneness within you and the entire universe. This is where the answer lies to the truth of your immensity.

Your immensity is but a belief away.