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Credits and a thank you to: Model Lisajen Stock by Angie And Jamie


Illusion she met when the misery upset her world of Magical Time.

(Very Short Version)


ILLUSION and her World of Friends

We all have the ability to meet Illusion;
she has such wonderful seductive powers.
Illusion can soothe the nerves,
wipe your brow,
and meet the highs with the due diligence of supporting
your every desire.

Alas though,
behind the World of Illusion exists another world,
the World of Reality.
Reality has learnt to utilise
Persistence's job is to knock softly at the door
of the World of Illusion.
(Did you know that the World of Persistence
lives between the Worlds of Illusion and Reality?)

At first,
Persistence knocks softly,
but eventually louder
and more frequently -
she will persist.
(after all, it is her name!)
Persistence (you know)
is Reality's, right-hand man.
There is no escaping
from Persistence
or her incessant knocking
from the World of Reality.

Even if Illusion
does try to escape from Persistence,
Reality never gives up.
Reality will always permeate
the World of Illusion,
for Reality will employ her barrage of friends,
who reside close by
in the World of Suffering!
(No, no, do not want to meet these friends from the World of Suffering!)

It truly is just a matter of Time,
...and Time,
(oh, don't get me started on the World of Time)
it too has its own ideas.
Those two,
Reality and Time
are best mates with the
Realm of Universal Law,
and there is no escaping the Realm of Universal Law.
-never, ever, EVER!

Time will be supportive,
but she is a tough mother.
(and I will tell you this...)
It is best to make good friends
with Reality before
Time steps in and engages
the help of Lesson.
(who works under the guise of helping you, but she is friends with the World of Suffering.)
Oh truly,
she likes things hard-core - OUCH!

Make peace with Reality
and all those actively engaged
in the employment of Reality,
and they will rejoice with you
and welcome you home with open arms.

(you will come to understand),
was never a friend of yours
but an actress, fooling you to live another life,
another life that befriends...
the World of Pain.

Say goodbye to Illusion and welcome back Reality.
Reality is the one who expands
your true light towards your uniqueness,
towards your Light of this world.
(The World of Light is your place to be.)

Come home to you,
to your World of Life
(umm, I mean Light )
and enjoy your Magical Time...

Have you met Magical Time yet?

(Very long version)