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I Am


I ask the universe
to let me see the Higher Will with my concerns and worries.
I ask for a message that I understand will assist me and to
nudge me if I am ignoring the signs.

And, if the universe can remind me to place my worries into the
infinite sky net as I turn towards the vastness of the Creation
in its love, abundance, gratitude, and well wishes.

I say to the All of Me,
I bring my heart for mending.
Forgive me for all the times I have gone away from my true nature
and placed me, my world, out of balance and into disharmony,
from ease into unease.
I know that today, I can start again.

I acknowledge I can live in my place of humbleness, my natural grace.
I can radiate my energy with love, compassion and understanding
without any needs, judgements or wants.
I will simply be.

I realise I can live from here, in my strength.
I recognise that my courage exists and is true and valued
throughout the universe.
I know I add to and am the Energy of Creation.
I know that I simply am.