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God's Hand

To be in a place that
you have no
memory of,
that place that
has no beginning,
middle, or end.
This is when
you can create
so extraordinary
it appears as though
the gods
gave you a hand.


Enlightenment is when you can let go of all your preconditions. You have no need for past events to blur your thoughts. You don't feel angst over the tomorrows, but you accept everything of you in the now.
You accept yourself as a vital gift and the uniqueness within yourself.
You honour everything about you. You smile with your gifts as you smile with your weaknesses; neither holds any weight to who you are. They are both tools.
When outcomes do not matter anymore, you are aware of your thoughts, and the thoughts extend you, rather than prosecute or hinder you.
This is the last stage of growth, marrying your mind to the body, emotions, spirit and soul. Then, when they all unite, you stand in your power.
There is a vastness of nothingness but a complete understanding there is everything.
This is non-duality.