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Tis faith is our way to walking this earth in our eternalness,
and our greatheartedness
of ourselves.


Dear Divine,

A life of good and
bad, disappointment with highs, trials and
tripe. Indignation,
a sigh from me,

As I have traversed the emotional landscape,
I have often felt alone and
Questions arise, and,
oh, so many patterns are at play.

The existence
of the divine consciousness,
though I know it does exist,
but it's fleeting, and
not in my time.

Dear Divine, I say...

From now on,
we will do this together,
this time in this world.
I ask you to step in from the highest divinity, and
support my life in all ways.
Work beside me.

I request the top echelon of the divinity
to support and hear,
to communicate directly and
without nuances. And
I will listen and
take action unquestioningly.

You are as answerable from now on as I am.
I am putting you on notice.
I am putting myself on notice.
It is time for you to step up,
step in, and
be in my life permanently as
I am now stepping forward within yours.

I expect you to know, and
in my heart, I will recognise
that you have the solution already. And
I live entirely in the trust that you always will.
I give you full reign to step to the fore and
into my physical life.

I know all contracts previously in play are completed,
I am visible to you in my entireness and
in complete trust.

You can do this,
I can do this,
we can do this. And,
we walk together,

My expectation from now until the end of my last physical
we will complete this life as one together,
as eternally one,
in the here and the now.
We walk together in our grace.
Thank you.