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Credits and a thank you to: Texture by Brenda Starr


Forgather of drama, no more.
Partake in no encumbrance.
Nullify the thoughts of destruction.
Create a void, trapping falsehoods.
Breathe to escape those lairs.
Surrender into deep repose.
Submerse into the truth.
Front the essences of natural life.
Immerse into the unexplored wisdom,
expand and exhale.
Life is unhidden and yet undiscovered.
Seek the empyrean residence.
Restore the distinctive tones.
Encompass this space.
Breathe -
inhale and forgo.


There comes a time
when the outside noise is too much.
There comes a time
to learn not to engage into the dramas.
There comes a time
not to take on board the burden of others.
There comes a time
to gain clarity.
There comes a time
to let go.
There comes a time
to breathe.