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Poetess marries our spirituality with our physicality.

Posted in Mystical You, Little Blue Sparrow Series, and the Entire Image Collection






Poetess— represents the acceptance that this physical life, and the spiritual life, they can marry together and create a perfect unison without any conditions. It is the third image from the Little Blue Sparrow series that depicts our life journey and our ultimate goal of living.




The Poetess represents the end of your journey.

It is the end of the search through the vastness of your being.

It is the end of the search through the dimensions of your soul.

The searching is now complete.

You come forth to earth and ground with nature.


The dimensionality of yourself exists here, within human form; you exist with no boundaries.

You accept all realms, the realms of your being.

You unite with the Blue Sparrow with respect and understanding, as he does with you.

You are ALL.

You are one.


To buy the image— FineArt America/Pixels and Redbubble.


Model: Jamari Lior