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There is never a right time to post about the loss and sadness of a nation’s disaster. I post this in honour to anyone (and everyone) who has lived through, or watched, in horror of a nation’s disaster. This is a universal perspective.
I wrote this originally for the Black Saturday bush fires that claimed 173 lives and devastated many more lives in 2009.  This ode is about the exchanging the grief of a nation into a gift from those who lost their lives— it is what the Rested Ones gave back to the nation…

This image and words are here to depict the larger picture, that everything in this world seems to have its place, even though at the time, we cannot understand.

Rest in peace.


Ode to our Rested Ones


Ode To Our Rested Ones


When the winds abate

and the roar of nature settles,

and our loved ones are rested,

we will see and understand

the enormity of this day…

Forever more.


No longer will our hearts remain closed.

No longer will boundaries keep us tied.

Never will we turn our backs away.

It will never be the same again.

Ever; For anyone…



For the man who knows he has it all,

and the man who knows he has nothing,

both will find in their hearts

that humanity exists

within a nation’s soul.


As a nation, we woke to stories.


Stories before our eyes unfolded.

All embracing devastation as

the disastrous tale…

Took its toll.


Our hearts cried, our ache, so visible,

our grief, beyond words.

The images of anguish, so painful.

Our tears flowed silently.

We listened and were stunned.

There was so much sadness…

It had only just begun.


We felt it as a nation, a yearn so strong.

It is our responsibility, our ignorance has gone.

Now, as a nation, we have chosen to unite.

Forever, together, as each and every one of us…

Understood their plight.


Through this whole, unyielding desolation,

we will stay with those, that grieve.

We will be their strength, without thought,

nor hesitation.

We will persevere for them

when they are sad and lost.

We will cry their tears, alleviate their fears…

At any cost.


We will listen and understand,

we will extend our open hand.

We will touch and huddle, hug, hold hands,

and be prepared, to share.

We want you to know that the people of this nation…

Do care.


To those who are grieving,

it is important to know that your loved ones,

their lives were not taken lightly…

Nor are they lost.


For these courageous souls, through their dying,

have touched the rawness of a nation.

They woke our ancient truths,

embraced our natural wisdom,

transcended our barriers,

and found the nation’s beating heart…

We were under the illusion

that our heart has been silently humming.

However, for aeons it has been…

Numbed and forgot.


These brave souls, they showed us the person,

instead of a corporate head, a bank, or a politician.

The executive to Nan and Pop,

mum and dad, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers,

to toddlers, not one forgot.

Our hearts now opened.

We as a nation have woken…

Forever, More.


Our rested loved ones,

your job has now been


You have captured our imagination

beyond the material world,

and inspired our hearts to awaken.

With the grace of your spirit,

that now dwells in the landscape

of our psyche,

we have emerged as a nation

and embodied your spirit…

Forever more.


Rest now, our rested ones.

The nation’s lesson

is done.

Lest we forget.