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Nobility, acknowledge your eminence.

Posted in Mystical You, Little Blue Sparrow Series, and the Entire Image Collection




Nobility expresses the totality and acceptance of your being.
There is no need to define, to choose, or to change.


Nobility is to stand within the self and within your dignity.
This is the birthright of all beings.




Nobility is our absoluteness to live in our vastness, our wholeness, without any defined edges, without external boundaries, and without the need for exterior crutches to fill the space.


Nobility is the acceptance that this physical life is meaningful, and to celebrate this physical life without our inherited preconditioning and cultural thoughts.


The Blue Sparrow encompasses the knowledge, the wisdom, the intuition, the understanding, and the acceptance of all. He is you, and he is your companion.


It is the first image from the Little Blue Sparrow series that depicts our life journey and our ultimate goal of living.



To buy the image— FineArt America/Pixels and Redbubble.


Model: Maria Amanda
Photographer: Jan Holte Teller