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Journey of Light

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The Journey of Light

Little girl,
wandering over yonder there,
searching for her right,
seeking the infinite views
and restoring her light.

Journey of Light
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The Noise


What do you see?

What do you speak?

Can we hear?

What do you have to say over there?

Does your soul speak?

Can we listen to it?

Do we dare?

Do we care?

Do we believe it?

Are we deceived?

What is it, what do you see?

Is it real?

Do you really perceive?

Is it the truth?

Really, what manner of evidence is there?

Is there such proof?

Do you genuinely see the eye of the universal stage?

Can we see it?

What do you know?

We cannot see the perception as yours…

What is it we do not know?

Little girl,

can you hear me?

Why are you so intent?

Why so singularly bent?

What can that pebble tell you that I do not see?

What are the words?

Why that light?

I see only a possible glimmer,

I agree. It has no might.

Little girl,

why so quiet?

We are here to listen…

However, you fail us;

you do not show us your insights.

Little girl, come on now.

Tell us your stories,

show us your plight.

Where are the brightest of lights?


To Listen, She did Explain


The stories,

the tales

they are already written.

They exist in your culture

and in your beliefs.

The stories are within the

creation of your might.


Listen intently, hear,

look, feel and peer.

The answers do surround you,

they are visible.

Can you not honestly see?


Let go of the perceived and the

importance of your might.

Let life play into your designed light.

This is your ultimate purpose in this life.


There are no universal secrets to

blindside you to your proper rights.

Only the closed hearts and eyes,

and the noisiness of the self,

that can bind you,

blind you,

to that truth

of your potential heights.



The Truth


is in the Pebble

The truth is

the spectator to the ancientness and

wisdom of such intellectual heights.

The truth is

the witness to such brilliance

of our conscious evolution.

The truth, it does

recognise the perfection of the

engineered expansion

of our energetic fields,

of space,

of vibration,

and of light.

The truth, it states

this is our transcendental

the journey of life.

The truth reminds us

that we are but a pebble in the

the consciousness of our entire life.

This is the truth of life; it is

our journey of light.


The Story of the Little Girl


She transverses the light within this life,

prescribed by her witness soul.

Her inner light waxed and waned.

No choice but to view the smallest pebble upon this earthly plane.


The minute exchanges upon the pebble,

she recognised the stories

and the emotional strains,

deeply viewed from the sameness,

but not the same.


Angles change, perceptions rearranged.

Potentials contained.

There was no real aim.

There was no accolade to claim.

Guidance for her detained.


The vastness of her soul’s might,

the courage to seek her existence

throughout the breadth of her

destiny’s limitations and rights.


No deviations to earthly delights.

The smallest of matters she entertained.

Her journey’s willingness was to rewrite the energetic play.


The tiniest of gleam,

she placed her attention to alight.

Life viewed from her considerable heart.


Lost connection to the monumental light,

viewed from the dimness of her denser sight.


There is no accurate weight to the

magnificence of her

highest light

of insight.


Little girl,

wandering over yonder there,

searching for her right,

seeking the infinite views

and restoring her light.