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Your immensity is a belief away.


Immensity ~Lesson 6

There lies a gift of such uniqueness within each of us, our immensity, but is hidden within our lives. At times, we gain a glimpse of our own specialness when we act with a pureness of heart— we act without thought or want. This act of kindness does not mean to servant ourselves but to allow ourselves to flow without censorship in any way.

Often our thoughts block and hinder our immensity. Our beliefs, our culture and our economy all create veils of appropriate responses. Yet we admire those who, without a second thought they walk into this space of pureness with courage— to that place of a sheer state of being.

I know you have felt this within. Can you remember a time when you automatically did something without thought?

As an example, I can remember once when I was 15 years old and a friend had injured her finger in a game of netball. It was obviously dislocated (I realise now) but I had no idea what that actually meant back then. For some reason, I stepped up and placed my hand on her finger. Without any concern in her voice, she asked, “Are you sure?” and without questioning myself, I said “yes”. Her trust I felt, and immediately pulled her finger back into shape. I now wonder how did I know what to do?

I do know, (and unaware back then), I entered a space; it was a holding place of completeness. This meant I walked to the friend’s space with the wholeness of myself. There were no thoughts, no second-guessing myself, no 15-year-old girl in mannerism or sight. Who was I then? I was someone who just knew—I trusted myself and my friend trusted in me.

Have you ever entered that same space? Do you ever come to the place, or space of “just knowing”, knowing what to say, act, be, understand, or care?

These are the times of our immensity, but not all acts of immensity are as obvious. Random words, a gesture, a touch, a smile, are all acts of your immensity. A smile can make an enormous difference in someone’s life. You do not predict the outcome, but you know it is the right thing to do. I did this with a patient recently, for some reason as I left the room; I placed the back of my hand on to her face and lightly stroked her face. Her eyes lit up and she said, “That was so kind of you.”

I smiled, she smiled, and for a split-second within the smile, we were one in understanding. Why did I do this? I did this because it felt right, without the self-censoring. These moments do not need a pay-off of any kind.

In these moments your immensity of spirit, your light, your open heart, your compassion and the strength within you as a being, are one, not in duality, but in oneness within you and the entire universe. This is where the answer lies within your immensity; it is but a belief away.

 Are you willing to go there, are you willing not to censor yourself?        

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