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Our Heart’s Intent is our journey to our destiny.

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Heart’s Intent~Lesson 7

Heart's Intent


The only thing that

truly matters

is your heart’s intent.

What is it in this lifetime that you seek? Are you learning to find your power and strength? Maybe you are to give understanding, acceptance or tolerance. Perhaps to show love and let others feel this authentic love within the conditions, culture, and your personality.

I am thinking of someone I knew. This man integrated himself with his wife and her relatives; he became, as time marched on, the patriarchal head of this family, and yet, he did not acknowledge consciously the role he took. He was not a man without life’s demons or issues, or a man who stood out in a crowd, but those that surrounded him in his circle of life; they felt his love, support, kindness and acceptance. His love, support, kindness and acceptance were his innate way to give to others without thought. Peering at his life through universal looking glass, he excelled at being him; he followed his heart’s intent by emanating his true energy. I smile knowing he achieved his heart’s intent and his destiny. Yet he once said, “If I died tomorrow, nobody would come to my funeral.”

The church overflowed!

Seeking out our heart’s intent, is to act without though and do what comes naturally, this is your heart’s intent, your journey to your destiny. It never was about becoming the most famous, the grandest, or the most popular; unless these earth privileges are parts of your journey to your destiny. Within these earth’s roles, the most famous, the grandest, the most popular, their hearts intent maybe humility, giving, or becoming extraordinary within the heart. The accolades are not what is important (though they are nice), it is our heart’s intent without an agenda that should always lead us to ourselves and to our significant others, and our true life.

Like the man above—

His heart’s intent was to find his love, kindness and acceptance within himself and to give these traits unconditionally.

His journey was to become part of the family, kin and community, to grow big with love and acceptance, unconditionally.

His destiny was to love unconditionally and give that love and support to those who surrounded his life.

He was, in essence, an ordinary man who led an extraordinary intent, in an ordinary life.

We are all evolving, new souls to wise souls; each soul is here to expand within themselves by finding and following their heart’s intent. Remember, we do not start out with all the answers; we start with the questions and journey through this life to find our answers.

These answers always comes back to you— your answers do lie within your own heart; make sure your heart stays open to find yourself…


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