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How to find your destiny

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If you allow destiny to occur, destiny does exist.



The journey to the Higher Self. If this is our destiny, can destiny be the expansion of the self?  Is destiny the growth of oneself rather than a pursuit?

The Degrees of Destiny

Finding your destiny is in degrees. It lies in the comprehension, within the evolving depth of your understanding of your destiny. There are experiences you are required to undertake at particular times in this life-in this planned energetic time.

The Reflections and Destiny

I have often heard the saying that the people in your life reflect who you are. I came to understand it is not about a reflection or a mirror of you, but it is about seeing yourself clearly in the interaction. It is your inner reaction or response to the meeting of different minds, different energies, different experiences and different agendas. Destiny is to comprehend what you come away within the understanding of you from the interaction.

Can it be said, that destiny is seen within the people within our lives?

The Choices within Destiny

We are not all following a set path. Individually choices, timing, events, growth, destiny, are offset by the reason this life is being lived. The Law of attraction will work for some but not others. Choices are necessary for some but not others, certain experiences are necessary but not for others. These concepts are not the Cosmic Laws-they are though, the growth, the tools, the energies understood for that particular time, life, or this life plan. Some can assess a tool such as the Law of Attraction within this lifetime but others may need to comprehend their own inner strength, their own will and power within this lifetime. Yet, others who may need different energy may need to understand and live within their trust and faith in themselves to fulfil their growth.


Seth (Jane Roberts), stated (and I am paraphrasing) that we are born with a frame, but it is up to us to fill the frame with a picture. We can paint a masterpiece or just a pretty picture. It is up to us how the framed picture is completed, but the frame remains, as there fixed energetics in play. There is a different frame for each person.

Our choice is to decide to follow our unique path, or not

Let go of the need to control, then allow destiny to unfold, then destiny does exist.

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