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Creator, she creates her own play.

Posted in Mystical You, Little Blue Sparrow Series, and the Entire Image Collection



There are many paths in this life, ours is unique, but whichever path you are on the ultimate goal of life is to be the creator of play within this lifetime. It is the fourth image from the Little Blue Sparrow series that depicts our life journey and our ultimate goal of living.



She may manifest and create her life within the external world by placing her attention to the outer world events.

She may create her inner world where she is the alchemist, the one who creates her truth, her soul, her life plan, and/or destiny; she becomes the creator of her own inner gold.

She may walk through this life at peace, everything that radiates from her spirit is gold, and those lucky enough to be near her or touched by her has the opportunity to find their own gold within. She takes her gold and shares it from within to the outer world; never forced only shared.

Of course, she may represent all three because of her growth in her wisdom, her spiritual paths takes her to all three; this difficult journey leads to one direction, the well-earned gift of inner peace. Those who earn the beautiful gift of inner peace move forward to the ultimate gift and that is of play.


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