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The Coloured Woman

Posted in Mystical You, and the Entire Image Collection

She knows that— Everything that is asked of us is already within us.


The Coloured Woman from the outside is bright and beautiful. The reason for her colourfulness is she allowed her soul, her divinity, to shine through to her physical world.

It is her soul’s work to shine the light, that is, to shine the soul light from within to her external world, and allow her lightness to shine onto others. Her soul’s work is to connect to that oneness, to find the divinity and to see other people in their divinity.

It is the Coloured Woman’s role in this lifetime to continue a journey of experiencing life. A life of learning, growth, and to aspire to become the person she knows that resides within.
She is to develop to be one of total understanding and awareness.

When the Coloured Woman connects with another, nothing is forced or questioned; instead, an exchange of light, energy, knowledge and understanding occurs. Whatever the connection with another individual is, she knows there is room and ability to let the other souls develop in their way.

The Coloured Woman understands and recognises that each of us has a unique path to fulfil. It does not matter if one is supposedly famous, fortunate or otherwise, nor does it matter that another is more of an evolved or less evolved soul. What does matter is that we are on this planet together, to grow in our way, and to walk our path the best way we can.

She is the Coloured Woman
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