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Clarity within this lifetime

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She stood still, now
waiting attentively, 
uncertain of the stellar play.


She understood she lived deep within the matrix drama.
Beneath the substratum, low in the framework of the universal creation.
Here dwell the human existence and the creation of their world (their way).
She accepted the placement within this cultural world,
bumping into the egocentricity of the daily emotional interplay.

“Oh my,” she said,
floundering with her words after such a long time.
Uncertain now of the outcome.
This was new!
She busily brushed away a lifetime of collections, experiences, beliefs and arrangements that submerged her within the matrix run.

Clarity medium


“At last,” she sighed.
It was time to reach the heights
within the grace and vibrancy of this existence
by raising beyond this cultural interplay,
and to enter the endlessness within this physical life.
Here, the universals align and alight.

“Oh,” she said
“What a sight.”
No edges to grasp,
no definitions to hold.
There are no physical guideposts to embrace.
No servicing to collaborate upon.
A nothingness with such astounding expansiveness,
it truly is fear and delight.

“Look closer…” her inner voice whispered,
“What exists within the endlessness, do you contemplate?”

She gazed upon the darkness and pondered within this state.
What resided she conceived, was the
“Tip of my throes to my ancient nose.” She grinned.

Clarity full version


There is the entirety of the self,
an experience of absoluteness,
a place to become one self’s utterness.

“Oh my, to live wholly.” she smiled.
What a visionary might.
There can be such simplicity in all life.

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