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Box up your troubles

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Box up your troubles.

Hand over your troubles and worries to the universe, guardians, angels, god, whoever you might chat with and ask them to take your troubles over.



Does handing over your troubles actually work?

Yes it does, it takes away the sting long enough to place space between the worry and the self. The emotion attached to the worry can cloud everything. By handing over the troubles, this gives the opportunity to see and become more flexible in the idea that there can be another answer, maybe another way. To realise maybe the world is bigger and more comforting than we have lead ourselves to believe. 

This concept takes you beyond thinking and into trusting. Maybe you cannot change the reality but by using this technique you can though change the perceptions that can lead yourself to see how positive the experience can be. By putting the space between the reality and yourself, you can allow time to see another way. It is all about changing the view, changing the belief. If you decide to change the perception, (and this does take courage); the point of now can be seen differently. Often you can become amazed at the support and love from people that you never thought possible or considered.

Boxing up your troubles is necessary to honour yourself and to allow the universe to support you. 


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