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Bio— The Art of Living.

The Art of Living.


A few will venture onward and inwards,

deeper and deeper

until there is a stillness and aliveness—everywhere.

They will find that they are the universe and the light.

They will find that they are their own light and wisdom.

They will find they are the true light of their soul.


Throughout her years of naturally being in observation mode, Julie has gained the understanding what true living means. She has come to understand the growth of the spirit within this earth time, and how to enter and acknowledge our truths, and our totality. The heart is the entry way to the light in this physical time. By understanding our heart’s intent we can perceive ourselves as truly gifted individuals. This connection and unity  is far more magnificent then we possibly comprehend.

Julie’s Art and Words, they are designed to speak to the deeper perception of life, to confirm the deeper understanding of the existence of the journey of life, to express the comprehension, appreciation, and the acknowledgement of a life’s journey.

It was explained to Julie that, within this lifetime, she was to, ‘Walk the mystical path with practical feet and to walk the practical path with mystical feet.’ The Art and Words are her way of achieving this goal.

Julie lives with her family on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.



I have been a Registered Nurse forever it seems. I have seen the best and worst of which people are truly capable of. I have witnessed such magnificent power of the body, the courage, and the belief of such wonderful spirits. I have seen this power and spirit that we all have, but very few of us understand our spirits, or use our power, until we are in a place of desperation.

We give our spirit and power over to others every day, and allow others to use it for us.  It is our life; it is ours to experience, to understand and to take full responsibility of it. We should listen, believe and trust in our own powerful energy. We are here to become as one with ourselves, authentically. If we listen, we will hear our true guidance, abet, the whispers of wisdom only for ourselves.

My Art and Words are here to show you how special you truly are. It is a reminder that you own your own power, your own beliefs, can make your own choices, and you have the ability to create your own experience. It is your birthright to be you, and to be true to your own spirit. Remember no one else is you, or will ever be.

Take back what is truly yours…You!