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I started this site sometime back and I was hoping to put it up quickly, but many issues prevented me from moving forward. Some of the blocks that I experienced in this time were— the urgent need to build a new computer; a second job that limited my time, a redirection issue, a back-end problem to my site (my goodness, this problem alone took over a month to fix!)

And, they are the big things I can remember :))

Yep, everything and life seemed in my way, but then, August 2015 the obstacles cleared and the path became easy. I love when clarity becomes apparent, much better than the usual confusion that has plagued us for eons. Beginnings and ending, and then back to beginnings seem to be the energy at play right now (and with a massive sprinkling of clarity.)

You will notice I completed a few new images and revamped some older ones. Not all, or not most, of my images are posted. I decided, instead of waiting until I completed all my image posts, (possibly take another year to complete,) that I upload what I have done and allow the growth of the site to be gradual. This will allow the time to play with both the old and the future images without the need to feel burdened by completions, but rather I can play in the creativity concepts as I go along. Most times, website building is all about technical issues, and what is lost is the real reason to begin a website, to enjoy the sharing, the creativity and the imagination.

I decided I wanted that back!

If you are interested to know when I do post an image, whether it is an older one or the latest one, please subscribe to my occasional newsletter. [mc4wp_form]

You will also notice I placed the images into Volume Collections. This has changed as the older galleries became redundant as the collection expanded. Too much crossover of concepts made it difficult to decide which gallery the image belonged. The Volume Collections are broken down into the journey to the self. Wherever you are in your life, it should be easier to find the Art and Words that speak to you. I hope one day these will become books (another project to work on!) You will notice some of the Volumes are virtually empty but as soon as I start on my older works these collections will fill quickly.

If you would like to buy any of my artwork in the meantime, the links are either under each image, or for a quick browse, the links are here and here. Redbubble has all my art collection but I am still using the older galleries. FineArt America/Pixels has most of the latest images only (at this stage.)

I do hope you enjoy this site; my rationale was to allow each image to stand on their own and tell their story. I do enjoy the writing as much as the images, and as you know beforehand, I combined the words on the image. This often created many other issues, so I have decided to let the image stand on its own, and the words on their own. It is up to you what you decide the story is with the image, words, or both.juliemrae

This site is all about

the art of transformation and the language of comprehension.

Please enjoy so far…