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A Woman’s Awakening

Posted in Finding You, and the Entire Image Collection

She grows from a child
to find that her body is not the one she perceives it should be.
She sees her body as the enemy, an insult to her Self.
She understands that her body, it is not like
the others, with their perfection.
Hers is full of imperfections.


She listens not to herself,
but to others who tell her who she really is.
She has grown deaf
to her own voice that supports her,
for she hears only them.

She has forgotten
who she is, and has become someone
she is not.
She does not nurture her soul.
Her anger dwells and swells.
Her manner is stoic and staunched.
Her body, in time,
succumbs to the belief
of her own
disbelief in herself.

Until one day,
the universe submits to
her own inner cries
and forces the unthinkable,
where she must stop and listen
to herself, take notice,
care for and honour her Self.

For she will one day awaken and
pay homage to her journey and
the proudness of her being,
and she will one day.

To buy the image—FineArt America/Pixels and  Redbubble.