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A Universal Vow

Posted in Finding You, and the Entire Image Collection


A universal vow is
our own truth.
Our own kindness
to each other.
A promise to share,
but not own.
To love with a smile
that stays
within our heart.

A Universal Vow

A  commitment to another should always be about the heart connection and intention, and not the external fascinations.

The heart’s intent comes into power when there is no push or pulls in the energy. The vow should come as an independent form of energy that creates a  link with another, that unites a love that exists in respect, love, dignity, humbleness, uniqueness and certainty.

Never should an individual find themselves in a ‘less than’ position from themselves in a relationship, but neither should the partner fulfil their ego needs to make themselves more within a relationship.

Instead, two wonderful individuals should come together to share a life that never imposes, but grows into a union of wondrous commitment and experience that honours both.

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Credits: Veil, Hat, Hair, Boat, Model