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The wandering of the Wonderer’s Story.

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She looked at her scripted play that she was born into, this was her culture, her beliefs, her habits, her patterns, her environment, that continue to play within and around her life. When she reached a crossroad in her life, she would make the same choices repeatedly. 

Eventually, one day, she gave herself the time to sit and listen and to remain open, here, she came to understand  there was a better, a different way.

She understood it was time to stay in silence and listen…


The Wonderer’s Story

she made it to the edge,
and stood still,
(within her sadness)
burdened by her life’s melee.
They say, they saw her standing,
listening, awaiting guidance,
(somewhat impatiently)
to see beyond her scripted play.





The Wonderer’s thoughts.

She concluded that the energy and decisions that play out in our individual lives is just that, very individualised and accommodating for the individual.
She came to understand that trying to box the energies into free will or not free will, or right and wrong does not exist; these are too easy of concepts to approach life in this way. The complexity goes beyond simple concepts and into that realm of impossibilities or possibilities and completely individualised and legitimised.

She came to this conclusion and realised, we take this life and see it from our own experiences and energies that exist within our life at play. She understood she could sit on her soapbox quite happily and say this is exactly how life goes, but of course, it does not fit well into another person’s experience. This is why there is no answers to free will or not, because it is neither or it is either, because it depends on the complexity of the individuals energy and their blueprint for this physical life.

She came to understand that it is important to stand in her own individuality, her own energy, and no matter the pressures, she need to live in that harmonious self. These harmonious energies she may doubt because they seem so wrong in this physical world, yet can take her to a place that she needs to end up.

She came to understand there might be no fixed scenarios but possibly flexible malleable, movable scenarios to gain the appropriate outcome that allowed the individualised energy to progress or evolve. Time is not relevant but evolving into the harmonious self is.

She asked the question; if we live in the honouring of listening to ourselves, living in this harmony of ourselves, does life have to be the hard? Is suffering avoidable?

She understood it is extremely difficult to comprehend what is harmonious for ourselves when it seems to take a lifetime to understand. Hindsight is a wonderful and frustrating tool.
She understood that we are born not in harmony but circumstances that push up forward create the energy to propel us forward. The experiences that exist in our childhood, twenties propel us towards ourselves, we take a lifetime to grow into ourselves, and we take a lifetime to grow into the best of ourselves, if ever.

She understands in the silence her questions and answers can be heard ( she learnt patience…!)


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