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The Sorrow and the heartache~4

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Sorrow 4


I am going to tell a story (stories, again ), to share when death and a shift in dimensionality is very visible.

1. My first story, it was night duty; I worked on my own in the ward, the night desk lights are the only lights switched on. My head was down and doing the usual paperwork with the charts. I was engrossed in in my work when I happen to look up over the top of the desk, and I clearly saw, a white older female standing next to the desk smiling at me, she was two feet away. The figure was a pure white with a sense of transparency, I could see details of her face and her nightie. I didn’t know this woman, her nightie was old fashioned, but what I did notice was her smile, she was looking at me smiling with such a kindly face. There was no sense of threatening or menace about her. For me though, my heart and thoughts were racing, I was frozen; what should I do, say…I was so taken back!  I did nothing. I put my head down continue to work and took stolen glimpses of her. The woman slowly dissipated.

2. My second story, I had a dream, it was obvious spiritual in its nature. I stood talking to spirits and I happen to see a man standing with other spirits. It was someone I knew who was an acquaintance. I was not close to him at all. I thought at the time, “What is he doing in my dream as a spirit?” A month later, he died in a car accident. Thought provoking…

There are no rational answers to why I saw and dreamt of these dimensionalities, yet I was fortunate to glimpse the vastness of our universe. There is so much more to this world, the universe, then we can rationalise. If we do open our minds and comprehend that death is but a transition to this life, when death does visit close to us, we can see beyond our sorrow and see the universe at play. I am sure we could all find comfort knowing our loved ones still exist, and it was their time for whatever reason that escapes our understanding.

I read somewhere (and I am paraphrasing) some spiritual teacher was asked upon his son’s death, “Why are you not grieving for your son’s death?” He replied, “I am celebrating his achievements, so happy he has completed his purpose and returned home. I look forward to the day I can join him.”



To understand that death
is only another step in the soul’s evolvement.
Know they are always near,
only a vibration away.
Your sadness they see, their love is full.
They understand
so very much…