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The Sorrow and the heartache~3

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Sorrow 3


I am thinking of someone I knew.

This man integrated himself with his wife and her relatives; he became, as time marched on, the patriarchal head of this family, and yet, he did not acknowledge consciously the role he took. He was not a man without life’s demons or issues, or a man who stood out in a crowd, but those that surrounded him in his circle of life; they felt his love, support, kindness and acceptance. These were his innate way to give to others without thought.

Peering at his life through a universal looking glass,
he excelled at being him; he followed his heart’s intent by emanating his true energy.
His death early and suddenly was a natural progression for his soul’s work, but for his family, their acceptance wrapped wholly within their physical life of emotional turmoil and suffering.

Their beliefs system, their attachments left no room within their space for their loved ones to thank them.

Much of our beliefs and cultural upbringing masks and hides the truth. The overwhelming sadness is all about our sadness and loss, our attachments.
For the physically departed they have shifted into their world of understanding.
They can see our connection and see how we connected within their journey of experience.
They can see the oneness in the experiences, in the journeys, in our compassion, and in our growth and understanding.
They also can see— if we grow into a level of awareness and consciousness, that we can see this oneness and the connections of the energy that passes through all.
They see the highest good is to shine the light of awareness,so others can experience the connection, whether initially it considered positive or negative.
They see that this connection allows another to choose to express their soul and soul purpose, negate, or ignore the connection completely.
They see that the choice is yours but the oneness always exists.
They see that death is but a progression of birth.
They see that your journey continues.
They see you….(and you can sense them:)

They can see how you helped their journey so very much.



The truth lies right next to you,
the spirit of your loved ones that have
passed on, are but a belief away.
They dwell within you, around you,
and near you.
You helped so much.
Together you experienced the crashes
and triumphs.
They came to you to complete this journey,
they thank you so very much.